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SAIC Auditorium
November, 6 2008
Artist Talk with Ray Noland
Talk at 6PM.
280 South Columbus Drive

July, 22 2008
Gonna be one of the judges for the Obama Car Art Contest by INFECTIOUS. Get yourself tight and submit a design!

June, 22 2008
Coast-to-Coast poster is back! Now hand screen-printed by CRO in red and a limited number in blue.

Washington D.C.
March, 06 2008
The National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution has also requested a set of prints. Will be taking a short trip to D.C. to hand deliver the goods.

History is Now
Feb, 28 2008
The Print and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. has requested a set of posters for the national collection. GoTellMama! is officially part of history. Woot!

Huge Success!
Feb, 09 2008
Wow! opening night of the GTM show was absolutely phenomenal! Thanks to everyone that made it out and has helped this to continue. Looks like we will be taking the show on the road in 2008. We are gonna push this all the way to the convention in August.

Wake-up Call
Jan, 09 2008
The loss in New Hampshire was a good ego check for Obama and his supporters. This thing is NOT over. We have much work to do.

Obama Wins Iowa!
Jan, 03 2008
How big is this?! 38% IN IOWA! From a Dream to a Goal.

Thank You
Dec, 22 2007
Thanks to everyone that braved the cold and came out to the GoTellMama! Party. We raised $1000 which was donated to the Barack Obama campaign. Get ready for the GoTellMama! Art Show coming February 8-10.

Nov, 28 2007
GoTellMama!, Good, Bad, U.S. and Speaking to U.S. videos now downloadable.

Nov, 27 2007
Invited onto to talk about GoTellMama! and getting Barack Obama elected.

GoTellMama! T-shirts
Oct, 7 2007
Thanks to Mike and everyone at Propaganda we now have three t-shirt designs available. Show support in real style!

GoTellMama! Posters
Sept, 20 2007
The Go Tell Mama! screen-printed posters have just arrived. Thanks to the handy work from my friend over at Crosshair. You requested it - so we finally produced a limited edition of these handsome 4-color hand-screened posters.

It's Official...
Sept, 20 2007
CRO was commissioned by the Obama campaign to design an official poster for its up-coming NYC rally. The rally looks to be building as one of the largest Obama rallys to date. Be on the look-out for promotion and posters around the city.

They Once Said
July, 31 2007
Our fifth video in the series. We created this for MSNBC's Hardball Campaign Ad Challenge contest that doesn't really seem to be a 'real' contest. I guess if it's not made with powerpoint, an attack ad or straight-up T&A, it's not worth showing.

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Photo by Sarah Hoskins

What began in the fall of 2006 as the simple production of 25 limited edition DREAM screen-printed posters has become an internationally recognized graphical depiction of inspiration, hope, and change. Inspired by Barack Obama's fresh take, Ray Noland aka CRO, a Chicago-based graphic artist, developed a series of inspirational Obama images and animated videos which expressed the true nature of the campaign. Not your typical stodgy red, white and blue, CRO set out to redefine how it should be done with an independent political propaganda campaign.

GoTellMama! was created in conjunction with the official announcement of Obama for America. Its mission was to parallel the official race, to inspire the public, and to heighten awareness of Barack Obama using non-traditional tactics such as a national street art and viral video campaign. During the primary elections, GoTellMama! toured the country with the Officially Unofficial Art Show - which premiered in Chicago and traveled to Philadelphia, Raleigh and Portland. As a result of Obama clenching the nomination GoTellMama! embarked on the general election GOT NEXT! Tour 'o8 - with site-specific art installations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, Atlanta and Chicago.

In the 24 months leading up to the 2008 election, having hosted 10 art exhibitions in 9 cities, driven over 20,000 miles, viewed by 50,000 on Youtube, and with work in the collections of the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian and collectors as far reaching as Switzerland & Australia, CRO has solidified his place in history as a creator of the Obama Art Movement.

Special Thanks to: Rebecca Berdel, Erica Salaman, Joey Widener, Shawn Aurzada, Jerry Walker, DIZ, Katie Gerdes, Mike Timble, David Cohen, Iris Wolfson and the Mt. Airy family, James Anthony, Nick Grainger, Hillary Bryan, Wendy Given, Greg Hatem, Rick Meyer, Leah Newman, Joseph Rose, Yosi Sergent, Ty Cardaci, Maurice Werness, Jessica Darrow, Jeff aka Chicken George, Jeremy Sole and everyone else who has helped and encouraged this mission.

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