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SAIC Auditorium
November, 6 2008
Artist Talk with Ray Noland
Talk at 6PM.
280 South Columbus Drive

July, 22 2008
Gonna be one of the judges for the Obama Car Art Contest by INFECTIOUS. Get yourself tight and submit a design!

June, 22 2008
Coast-to-Coast poster is back! Now hand screen-printed by CRO in red and a limited number in blue.

Washington D.C.
March, 06 2008
The National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution has also requested a set of prints. Will be taking a short trip to D.C. to hand deliver the goods.

History is Now
Feb, 28 2008
The Print and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. has requested a set of posters for the national collection. GoTellMama! is officially part of history. Woot!

Huge Success!
Feb, 09 2008
Wow! opening night of the GTM show was absolutely phenomenal! Thanks to everyone that made it out and has helped this to continue. Looks like we will be taking the show on the road in 2008. We are gonna push this all the way to the convention in August.

Wake-up Call
Jan, 09 2008
The loss in New Hampshire was a good ego check for Obama and his supporters. This thing is NOT over. We have much work to do.

Obama Wins Iowa!
Jan, 03 2008
How big is this?! 38% IN IOWA! From a Dream to a Goal.

Thank You
Dec, 22 2007
Thanks to everyone that braved the cold and came out to the GoTellMama! Party. We raised $1000 which was donated to the Barack Obama campaign. Get ready for the GoTellMama! Art Show coming February 8-10.

Nov, 28 2007
GoTellMama!, Good, Bad, U.S. and Speaking to U.S. videos now downloadable.

Nov, 27 2007
Invited onto to talk about GoTellMama! and getting Barack Obama elected.

GoTellMama! T-shirts
Oct, 7 2007
Thanks to Mike and everyone at Propaganda we now have three t-shirt designs available. Show support in real style!

GoTellMama! Posters
Sept, 20 2007
The Go Tell Mama! screen-printed posters have just arrived. Thanks to the handy work from my friend over at Crosshair. You requested it - so we finally produced a limited edition of these handsome 4-color hand-screened posters.

It's Official...
Sept, 20 2007
CRO was commissioned by the Obama campaign to design an official poster for its up-coming NYC rally. The rally looks to be building as one of the largest Obama rallys to date. Be on the look-out for promotion and posters around the city.

They Once Said
July, 31 2007
Our fifth video in the series. We created this for MSNBC's Hardball Campaign Ad Challenge contest that doesn't really seem to be a 'real' contest. I guess if it's not made with powerpoint, an attack ad or straight-up T&A, it's not worth showing.

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Elliott Hartstein

Obama: A candidate for our time
by Elliott Hartstein

We as Americans are at a critical juncture in the history of our nation, We have been bogged down in an endless war which we embarked upon  based on a shaky  rationale in the first instance. On a daily basis we pick up our newspapers, and watch our TV sets to see partisan gridlock which inhibits getting results and getting the job done on issues ranging from health care to immigration to social security, energy, trade, education and so much more. The challenges facing  us continue to mount, and as a grandfather looking at the smiling face of my grandson, I want to see real change now so that my grandchildren and their progeny can live and grow up in a nation that has its house in order. Never before has our nation been held in such low esteem in  the eyes of the world. We need to regain the respect and stature as a world partner that can rally the nations of the world to stand together to  prevent the spread of terrorism and regimes that threaten the world order and so we can cooperate and collaborate to meet  the challenges that effect us all like global warming, world trade that will enhance strong economies throughout the globe and to provide for our collective security.

To meet these challenges head on,we need political leaders motivated by what is best  for our nation and the next generation as opposed to positioning that will put their respective party's in good stead for the next election. Business as usual just does not get it done. Experience in the ways of Washington does not insure  we will move forward  but merely  promotes the same old strategic positioning to try to tilt the balance of power. We  cannot continue to fight the same old battles with each side of the aisle trying to  demonstrate that  their side somehow has the edge  when it comes to patriotism ,family values,compassion,economic strength and security. There was a time in our history when the diversity and broad spectrum of approachs within each political party facilitated bipartisan cooperation that led to a cohesive approach to foreign policy and security and promoting what was in  national interest  as reflected in   accomplishments  like the momentous civil rights legislation. Since the Viet Nam war the last several decades has seen the emergence of more homogenous political parties that has led us to the partisan divisiveness and split we continue to see on the national scene. If we are to move forward, we need real change, We need leadership to facilitate change. We need leadership that is not wedded to the past nor invested in positioning for party advantage. We need  leadership  that understands and appreciates the diversity of the world order to place us in the position as a nation  to influence others through persuasion and collaboration rather than a "my way or the high way approach" on the world stage.

Though there are many  good and capable  people seeking to lead our nation in the current presidential field, good and  capable is not good enough. The times dictate that we need  a special kind of leader who can bring us together to bridge the national divide and rally and excite the nation to come together to meet many of the special challenges that we face at this juncture. Barack Obama  stands tall  in the presidential field as that special kind of leader who  is not only intelligent and capable but one who has demonstrated the ability to provide the kind of leadership we need at the helm of our nation. Barack has the uncanny ability to get people to work together and demonstrated that special skill when as a State Senator he got leaders on both sides of the aisle to work together to get health care  for kids and ethics legislation adopted. Barack has the breadth of life experiences to understand and lead with respect  and commitment  for diverse needs and backgrounds of people throughout our nation and the world that comes from living and being exposed to diverse cultures in other parts of the world and being a community organizer that fought for closing the gaps for neighborhoods and workers in our cities. He has the ability to inspire, excite and generate enthusiasm and excitement for change  that we have not seen since John F Kennedy invoked us to each ask ourselves what we can do for our country rather than ourselves. What you see in Barack is what you get. He is not a packaged and programmed candidate. He is the real thing and quite genuine.  Barack does not feel compelled to tell people what they want to hear but tells what needs to be heard as when he spoke of fuel efficiency needs before auto workers or merit pay before teachers .Barack is not afraid to give details of stands he would take and encourage in grappling with major issues as when he made clear that he would  support lifting the caps in social security that determine how much income should be subject to tax. Though he makes clear his willingness and commitment to use force as needed to maintain our security ,he makes clear his willingness to speak to our adversaries to explore diplomatic solutions. His commitment and understanding of our constitution as a former teacher of Constitutional law puts him in good stead to insure that under his leadership our government  will not stray from fundamental basic constitutional rights and protections  that are the bedrock of our American democracy and a beacon to the rest of the world . As a skilled orator he is one that will be able to use the bully pulpit to inspire and rally the nation. Barack's reflection of integrity and dedication to serving the public good transcends any disagreements one may have with him on a given issue. It is rare when someone comes onto the public scene  who personifies those  special and unique traits of a leader to is right for the times. Let us not miss the opportunity for  us as citizens to each do our own part to insure that  we elect a leader who will  listen and lead , understand and unify and effectuate change  for a brighter tomorrow throughout our nation.

That is why I have gone to Iowa on 3 weekends to knock on doors for Barack Obama.That is why I have made phone calls to find out what issues matter to people and to talk to them as to why they should caucus or vote for Barack. That is why I have held and gone to volunteer  organizing  meetings for Barack. That is why I have made  financial contributions to the Obama campaign. That is why I have emailed and called others to join me in supporting Barack . That is why I have encouraged fellow mayors and other public officials to endorse Barack. That is why I go onto  to keep up with what is happening on the campaign and to continue to find activities that will move the campaign forward. You too can make a difference for the future of our nation by getting involved in the Obama Campaign by finding similar ways to advance the Obama Campaign. With the Iowa caucus nearly upon us  and other early primaries quickly approaching we are at a pivotal point in determining  whether we have the opportunity to elect a unique leader like Barack Obama to ignite and excite and unify our nation for the changes we all expect for our families, neighbors and fellow Americans. Don't wait. Get involved and lend your support to Barack Obama today. The future of our nation is in our hands and we cannot afford to fail. Your prompt commitment of support and involvement will insure that when we wake up to read  headlines of  early Obama victories in Iowa and the other early primaries we will have laid the cornerstone paving the road towards  a bright new future for our country. I welcome your thoughts on the campaign or questions about involvement by email.

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